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Learn to Eat Pears - Several Food Therapies About Eating Pears

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It has now entered the coldest day of the year. In cold and dry weather, the water in the air is less, the body is prone to dry nose, dry lips, thirst, cough without sputum
It has now entered the coldest day of the year. In cold and dry weather, the water in the air is less, the body is prone to dry nose, dry lips, thirst, cough without sputum, dry skin and other phenomena. If you can eat some pears every day, there will be unexpected effects on cough and other symptoms.
Pear is the most common fruit in winter. According to traditional Chinese medicine, pears contain malic acid, citric acid, glucose, fructose, calcium, phosphorus, iron and various vitamins. Pears have moisturizing fluid, lungs and cough, and nourish the stomach. The function is most suitable for patients with fever and internal heat in winter and spring. Especially for the relief of Hyperactivity cough, children with wind-heat, throat sore throat, dry stool and other symptoms are more appropriate. Therefore, in the cold and dry winter, you can choose pear-based diet. The following is a summary of several dietary treatments for pears that are common for coughing illness in winter.
1, whooping cough: 1 pear, go to the core to add 3 grams of Fritillaria or 1 g of ephedra, steamed, eat pear soup.
2, hot cough: a pear, honey, 60 grams. Dig a hole in the pear, go to the pear core, and put it in honey. Place it in a large bowl and steam it. Eat it once or twice a day.
3, cold cough: 1 pear, clean water, even the skin chopped, add crystal sugar boiled water to drink.
4, measles cough: 1 pear, melon skin 1, dig a hole in the pear, into the end of melon skin, wrapped in flour, cooked to eat.
5, tracheitis cough: Sydney 1, almond 10 grams, 30 to 40 grams of white sugar, add 500 ml of water, steam cooked.
6, asthma, hot cough: 1 pear, 50 holes on the stab, each hole stuffed pepper, steam cooked, until cooling, go to pepper, eat pears.
It should be noted that cold cough, abdominal cold pain, spleen deficiency and defecation should drink less pear juice. Pear juice has a high sugar content and should be used with caution in diabetic patients.
In addition to preventing cough, winter pears also have a good effect on the symptoms of dry skin. Many middle-aged and elderly people have pruritus in winter, mostly due to dry skin. Therefore, supplementing moisture is the most important thing. Pear is a good fruit for replenishing water.
Itchy skin can eat a pear every day, this does not need too much stress, you can eat raw, if the stomach is not good, you can steam cooked. The best time to eat pears is between meals, that is, 1 to 2 hours from the dinner, so it will not affect the nutrient absorption of the dinner. After eating for a few days, the symptoms of itchy skin will be better. If the itch is severe, you can cut the pear and wipe the skin with the inside of the pear skin. In a few minutes, itching will feel better. In addition, people with constipation may not be able to detoxify in time, and the symptoms of itchy skin will increase. Pears are also good for laxatives.

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