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The magical effect of apple on mother

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During pregnancy, expectant mothers will deliberately add more nutrition, and Apple is recognized as a kind of fruit most suitable for pregnant women and maternity, so
During pregnancy, expectant mothers will deliberately add more nutrition, and Apple is recognized as a kind of fruit most suitable for pregnant women and maternity, so what benefits do pregnant mothers eat apples? Today, we will give you a glimpse of the eight benefits and three major considerations for mothers to eat apples.
Staying in shape, many pregnant mothers are worried about getting fat when they become pregnant. Apple's fat content is the least. Eating more will not only lead to obesity, but it will also prevent over-obesity in the body. To prevent edema, many expectant mothers have problems with lower extremity edema in the later stages of pregnancy, while apples have the effect of swelling and diuresis, which can reduce the inconvenience caused by edema to life. Pregnancy beauty, women are best not to smear any cosmetics after pregnancy, so as not to affect the growth of the fetus, and Apple is rich in vitamin C can play a beauty effect, which is to prevent mothers because of anemia caused by The problem of poor color, eat more apples will help mothers have a good look. To improve the color of the fetus, apple is rich in malic acid and vitamin C. When mothers eat more, they can increase serum levels of blood so that they can make their children's skin whiter.
To prevent iron-deficiency anemia, many expectant mothers will have symptoms of anemia after pregnancy, and the iron elements in apples just can properly supplement iron elements, which is of great help in preventing iron deficiency anemia. To ease the discomfort during pregnancy, many expectant mothers may suffer from loss of appetite, morning sickness, nausea and other problems during the early pregnancy, and eating more apples or smelling the aroma of apples can effectively relieve discomfort and promote pregnancy happiness. To promote eugenics, it should be said that apple's rich pectin, various vitamins, malic acid, can reduce the impact of bacteria and some toxins on the health of pregnant women and fetuses, and thus more conducive to prenatal and postnatal care. Improve constipation during pregnancy, maternal gastrointestinal motility will be slower than normal, coupled with the usual inconvenience of exercise, so the problem of maternal constipation will be more serious, and Apple has a role in promoting gastrointestinal motility, so eat more, it can prevent maternal constipation In particular, it can reduce the incidence of maternal acne problems.
However, it is undeniable that although pregnant women eat apples can greatly promote the health of the mother and child, they can also cause serious side effects on pregnancy if they are not eaten properly.
1. Do not eat too much apples before meals. Because of pregnancy, mothers may have poor appetite. If you eat too much apples before meals, you will affect normal eating and digestion. Can supplement the body's nutrients, but expectant mothers for protein, iron, calcium, all kinds of vitamins during pregnancy are also very large.
2, diabetes, or chronic nephritis is best not to eat apples, because the apple sugar content is very high, if pregnant women with diabetes eat too much apple, then it may make the body's blood sugar becomes higher, so that Causes gestational diabetes.
3. Don't eat apples, but not other foods. For pregnant mothers, apples are good, but if they eat too much, they can also cause kidney and heart health care.
In principle, if the pregnant woman can keep eating an apple every day, then the health care effect is the best.

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